Compared to most other Performance Management tools, Plai is very flexible here.

On the Free plan, you won't be charged. If you run out of the free seats on your Free plan, you'll be asked to upgrade to the higher plan before adding more users.
On the Starter plan, you will pay the same fixed amount per month for any number of users up to 30.
On the Pro plan, you will be charged by the number of active users in your workspace. You can add/remove users at any time. We calculate with the precision of the second when you add/remove users and reflect it in the invoice, making a prorated charge/credit to your account. For example, if you’re on the monthly Pro plan and added a new user in the middle of the billing cycle, you’ll pay only for half of the month for that user.

Fair is fair. 🀝

We use Stripe for billing.
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